David Rose
Sound Services
Location Recording Specialist

07958 248788
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Ebor Singers 
Video Footage from recent recording
Immersive Surround Performance
Filmed on mobile phone, high quality sample available on request.
  1. david rose sound services and anything audio
    david rose sound services and anything audio

Recording Engineer

Editing and Mastering

Surround Recording

I have thirty years experience in location sound engineering.
In order of importance a good location recording requires;
Artists, experience, good acoustics and the best but also the most suitable equipment available. 
I am currently designing, in conjunction with an acoustic engineer a stereo and surround monitoring room, for critical editing and mastering functions.
An audio experience means sound arriving from all angles, not just replayed from a pair of speakers in front of us.  Recording something in Surround Sound captures all of these spatial cues, making the experience much more realistic, even when the performance is up front only. Innovative wraparound performance layouts are fully exploited when replayed this way.



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